Dental CPA

Kate Willeford, CPA

Kate is President of Willeford Group, CPA, PC, a firm that uses a very different, multi-disciplinary approach to accounting and profitability consulting. We are focused specifically on creating a substantial impact on the quality of life and income of select dentists.

Working with over 300 dentists nationwide, Kate is passionate about teaching both dentists and dental teams how to keep what they make, to increase profits and reduce taxes, while unlocking their numbers. Kate is the Vice President of the Academy of Dental CPAs, a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, and the Speaking Consulting Network. She uses her expertise to coach clients, as well as contribute to journals, newsletters, and blogs, including Dental Economics, dentalpost.net, Dudley Spade Dental Realty, and others.

Willeford Group Team

Our team includes the remarkable accounting and tax experts you see here.

Our Executive Assistant

Sylvie Castaniada

Our Team Administrator

Victoria Watkins-Denney

Our Staff Accountants

Veronica Condo

Ginny Petrisin

Our CPAs, in addition to Kate

Michelle Hull, CPA

Brad West, CPA

Our Team Leaders

Susan Muller, Director of Finance

Brittany Spaeth, Director of Operations