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For more than 40 years, we have used proven financial strategies to shape sound dental practices. We know the business of dentistry.

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Do you wonder if you are paying too much in taxes?

Do your financial goals seem just out of reach?

Does your accounting firm feel like just another expense?

Do you wonder if your financial advisor is giving the right advice for you?

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If you said yes to any of the questions above, Willeford Group may be the resource you need. We take a different approach to helping you build the health of your dental practice and secure your personal wealth.

Who is Willeford Group?

For more than 40 years, Willeford Group, CPA, PC has specialized in financial and advisory services for dental professionals. Led by Kate Willeford, dental CPA, our multidisciplinary team provides a unique approach to accounting and consulting that enhances your ability to maximize profits, minimize taxes, and exceed your financial and business goals.

How is Willeford Group Different?

When you choose Willeford Group as your financial life partner, you become our priority. Our elite team provides personalized attention to your needs and goals to ensure you achieve your optimal results. We customize financial and business strategies to fit your practice and your team.

Why Choose Willeford Group?

Like dentistry, tax laws and financial best practices are constantly changing and evolving. Our experts can help you build your practice health and secure your personal wealth, while allowing you to spend more of your time and energy on the dentistry you love. Contact our office for a consultation to see how a relationship with Willeford Group can increase your bottom line and your quality of life.

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Providing financial and advisory services for dental offices across the United States.

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Providing financial and advisory services for dental offices across the United States.
Local: (770) 552-8500
Long Distance: (877) 643-7087

Meet Kate Willeford, CPA Team of Experts

Dental CPA

Kate is President of Willeford Group, CPA, PC, a firm that uses a very different, multi-disciplinary approach to accounting and profitability consulting. We are focused specifically on creating a substantial impact on the quality of life and income of select dentists.

Working with over 300 dentists in over 21 states, Kate is passionate about teaching both dentists and dental teams how to keep what they make, to increase profits and reduce taxes, while unlocking their numbers. Kate is the Vice President of the Academy of Dental CPAs, a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, and the Speaking Consulting Network. She uses her expertise to coach clients, as well as contribute to journals, including Dental Economics.

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