Small Obstacles that Sabotage Your New Systems

Small road block
What little obstacles are derailing your big plans?


You’ve come up with a great new system for your office team. It’s simple, easy to understand, and will make everyone’s life easier.  So why are you having so much trouble getting your team to adopt it?  Sometimes, systems that seem great on paper fail in reality.  The problem isn’t training or planning, but small roadblocks to success that end up causing big issues.

The problem with small roadblocks is that they can make tasks seem almost impossible. And because they differ from person to person, it can be hard to understand why one team member just won’t adjust to a new piece of equipment or system.   Often, the team member themselves doesn’t really understand what the roadblock is.

For instance, in once office, the team had just gotten a new copier.  It was faster and easier to use than the old one, but Debbie loathed it.  Changing the paper was too hard, she said, and it always jammed.   No one else was having the problem, so why did Debbie have issues?  She could use her computer. There was no rational reason for her to hate the copier so much.

Then one day, the practice owner watched Debbie try to change the paper. Most of the team thought it was a snap, but Debbie was slow. She winced as she bent over to reach the paper drawer and pull it open.  As she tried to stand, she lost her balance and had to grab the wall for support.  The task that was mindless for most of the team was painful to Debbie, because she had a bad back.

The problem wasn’t the new copier. It wasn’t that Debbie was melodramatic or afraid of new technology. It’s that no one, including Debbie herself, understood how much her back issues affected her ability to deal with the new copier.  Instead, she just saw a task that was hard for her, and that took too long and left her angry.  There was a roadblock keeping her from embracing the new technology.

What small tasks in your office get put off or left undone because of invisible roadblocks? Are there cabinets that are hard for your shorter team members to reach? Counters that need to be decluttered before they can be used? Software programs that aggravate the team because they run slowly?   Ask your team members what tasks they hate, and what tasks make them procrastinate.  Then take the time to analyze the tasks and look for small obstacles that turn a simple task into an ordeal.  The problem may not be the process or the team members. It might be a small roadblock that’s causing big problems for your practice.

Do you have roadblocks related to issues like tax planning, profit prediction, or cash creation?  Contact us! We can help you remove roadblocks so that you can focus on helping your practice grow.