Practice Management

Cash Relief Coming: Passed House & Awaiting Senate

Cash flow relief, for paying employees, is on the way!  My team and I are closely following this Bill and will definitely send you the final facts once the bill has been signed by the Senate.   So that you may plan for the week ahead, while we await the Senate returning to session to […]

Is the Sky Falling? Not Really! Business in a Time of Disruptions

Will your practice be able to weather COVID-19 quarantines and lost work time?   This morning, Kate Willeford appeared on the inaugural episode of the”Money in, Money Out” podcast to discuss how practices can survive and thrive in these unsettled times. Consultant and fraud examiner Susan Gunn invited Kate to discuss how to keep a calm […]

Are you Screening Your Dental Patients for Coronavirus? If not, it’s time to start.

  As Coronavirus cases continue to mount, medical practitioners are at high risk for catching and passing on the disease.  Most of the news coverage has focused on primary care physicians, but your team is also in danger. Many patients don’t want to cancel or reschedule appointments or may miss early symptoms because they assume […]

Hiring for Dental Practice Vacancies: Do You Focus on the Right Traits?

  When a team member moves on to another position, what traits do you look for in their replacement? Two researchers writing in the Harvard Business Review found that most dental and medical offices currently select for the wrong traits in new hires. In “Health Care Providers are Hiring the Wrong People,” Elena Butler and […]

Are Virtual Services the Future of Dentistry? Here are some that could add cash to your practice.

Is your dental office taking full advantage of the virtual economy?  Could you save money or improve outcomes by working with virtual businesses?   Many technology and finance firms have realized that virtual employees can be a boon to their businesses. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, virtual employees tend to be outcome-focused, have a high EQ, and […]

4 Simple Ways to Reduce No-Shows

Whether your patient is scheduled for a cosmetic consultation, restoration placement, or routine hygiene and screening visit, you want to be certain they will come. When your patient cancels with little or no notice, they delay important treatment and wreak havoc with your schedule. Even one missed appointment per day can lead to thousands in […]