Special Report on PPE and Your Practice

As practices reopen, many are grappling with the costs of operating in the age of Covid-19.   How will PPE costs affect your practice as you work to protect your team and patients from the novel coronavirus?  What are other practices doing to adapt to the disease? Kate Willeford has conducted a survey of 300 US […]

Curious about Coronavirus? Check out our new page.

  The Coronavirus situation is developing rapidly, and our team is staying informed about the issues that affect you, your practice, and your team. For COVID-19 specific updates, please check out our new Coronavirus page.  We want to help your practice survive in this time of international crisis.  

Medicine for Your Business

  The business world often goes hand in hand with stress. Pressures to attract new customers, meet quotas, or increase productivity can make working feel like an unpleasant chore. If you have begun to dread going into the office due to an oppressive atmosphere, chances are strong that you are not alone in your feelings. […]