Dental CPA

Are you ready to redefine success?

Willeford Group has more than 75 years of specialized experience in serving dental professionals. Our team is uniquely qualified to understand the financial and business needs of dentists and dental practices. The relationship we build together allows us to guide your practice growth for long-term success.

We invite you to visit the pages linked below to learn additional information about the services we offer. Contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

Do you need Accounting and Tax Services?

We offer a range of options customized to meet the unique needs of your dental practice. We can train you and your team on QuickBooks® software applications, reconcile Financial Statements, minimize and prepare your taxes, and much more.

Do you often wonder, “Where did all of my cash go?  Why does the IRS tax me on higher income than the cash I have in the bank?”  If you want to know where your cash goes, and where it should go, you have come to the right place!  We can create customized, easy to follow Cash Flow statements for you.  Because Kate is a business owner herself, she understands that the cash flow you make and lose each month is often more important than what your Net Taxable income is. Learn more.

Do you need Financial Management Tools?

Our team of experts will show you how to utilize software that helps track financial trends and illustrates the financial health of your practice. We offer dedicated one-on-one consultations to help teach you about the key measures and ratios that lead to better decision-making and a healthier practice. Learn more.

Do you need expert Advisory Services?

Our experienced consultants provide strategic business advice on management and leadership, growth and transitions, retirement and exit strategies, and much more. Whether you are starting a new practice, growing your business, or preparing to leave, our advisory services can help you set and achieve your goals for your practice health and personal wealth. Learn more.