Financial Management Tools

Dental CPA

Why do you need Financial Management Tools?
Just as you use x-rays to guide appropriate treatment, we use special diagnostic tools to reveal the hidden meaning behind your numbers. Understanding your financials gives you the power to make better decisions for your practice. Our reports will help you make your practice more financially sound and more attractive to business partners.

What tools does the Willeford Group use?
Here are some of the tools we use:


Basic financial reports fall short of providing meaningful information to monitor the health of your practice. We have specially designed our unique Financial Statements to address the needs of dental practice and financial management. Our proprietary reports include special “cash flow” tracking to answer the age-old question “But where did my cash go!?!”


When you are running a dental practice, simply balancing your checkbook is not enough. You need to know concrete information about your finances and how they compare to a healthy practice. DentaMetrix™ is our digital dashboard-reporting tool to focus your attention on key indicators and trends in your practice. Our real-time database of dental financials and digest of key financial measures spans over forty years. We apply that breadth of knowledge to direct your attention to key financial measures and ratios that lead to better decision-making and financial security.